Brand Certification

Biosphere Reserve Brand Utilization Project

  • The Biosphere Reserve is not only to preserve our ecosystem, but also to achieve sustainable development of the local community through an overall improvement in the people’s quality of life based on preservation. The UNESCO program aims to create economic gains in the local community by using the BR brand or through ecological tourism and use the benefits to reinvest in ecological preservation.
  • The UNESCO Gochang BR Brand Project aims to certify superior agricultural, fishery, livestock, special products, and manufacturing goods produced in Gochang. It also can increase consumer awareness about the brand thereby boosting local income and the local economy. This would become a chance for Gochang to become the world’s best eco-city through consistent brand management and operation.

Certificate Applicants

  • Those who produce agricultural, fishery, livestock, forest products, and natural resources products in the clean county of Gochang (1st Industry)
  • Individual, corporations, or group who use the above mentioned to products to produce processed goods in Gochang (2nd Industry)


  • Agricultural/forest products producer and distributor in Gochang who earned an eco-friendly certificate from an authority, such as an organic mark
  • Livestock product producer and distributor in Gochang who earned a certificate of non-antibiotics from a certificate authority
  • Fishery product producer and distributor in Gochang who earned a certificate of fishery or fishery specialty products from a certificate authority
  • Producer and distributor who uses agricultural, fishery, livestock, forest, and natural resources as a raw material (70% or more) grown in Gochang BR, produce products in Gochang and owns a food processing-related certificate (HACCP, etc.)
    ※ Apart from official certificate, products from Gochang-gun with high competitiveness (specialization index, productivity index, recognition, etc.) can apply with the separately given conditions.

Approval of Certification

  1. Brand Certificate Application Dept. of Ecology and Environment
  2. Review/ScreeningItem-related Dept.
  3. Sending of Letter of Approval Dept. of Ecology and Environment
Industry Classification Industry Classification, Dept., Details
Industry Classification Dept. Details
1st Agriculture Dept. of Agro-Bio Science Mountain berry, blueberry, watermelon, melon, peanut, sweet potato, persimmon, etc.
Fishery Dept. of Ocean and Fishery Salt, short neck clam, Pungcheon eel, etc.
※ 1st, 2nd processed fishery products included
Forest products Dept. of Forest and Parks Astringent persimmon, etc.
Livestock products Dept. of Livestock Egg, honey, dairy products, etc.
※ 1st, 2nd processed livestock products included
2nd Processed food Dept. of Agro-Bio Science Gochang mountain berry processed products
Dept. of Ecology and Environment
(Sanitary Team)
Processed agricultural products from Gochang, including mountain berries

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