Environmental Policy-related Matters

  • Establish environmental policy plans for Gochang-gun
  • Project on the return of ecosystem conservation cooperation charge
  • Promote environmental festivals and events
  • Implement climate change adaptation projects
  • Levy and collect environmental improvement charges
  • Manage the indoor air quality of multi-use facilities and children’s activity spaces

Biosphere Reserve Affairs

  • Biosphere reserve network cooperation project
  • Foundation of Gochang BR Center
  • Cooperate with MAB Korea and UNESCO Korea
  • Support biodiversity management contract (Rice Straw Conservation Project)
  • Bioturbation Prevention Project
  • Yehyang Cheolli Masilgil Management

Ecological Geography-related Affairs

  • Ungok Wetland Recovery Project
  • Ungok Eco Park Project
  • Ungok Ramsar Wetland Eco Village Project
  • Donglim and Nodong National Ecological Cultural Trail Project
  • Incheon Ganggi Waters Deserted Land Recovery Project

Air Pollution-related Affairs

  • Wildlife Protection and Damage Compensation Project
  • Issuance and management of hunting licenses
  • Approval, report, instruction, and check of pollutant-generating businesses
  • Manage fine particulate matter
  • Report, provide guidance, and examine construction waste and other designated waste
  • Illegal disposal or incineration guidance

Water Quality Conservation-related Affairs

  • Approval, report, guidance, and examination of livestock manure disposing facilities
  • Odor discharging facilities management
  • Guidance on private water treatment facilities
  • Asbestos Safety Management Act related work
  • Public toilet management

Sanitation-related Affairs

  • Improve food culture and manage exemplary folk restaurants
  • Manage food and service businesses
  • Manage public sanitation businesses
  • Manage health functional food sales businesses
  • Manage food services and food poisoning prevention

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콘텐츠 담당자 정보

  • 담당자 : 고창군청
  • 전화번호 : 063-560-2321

최종수정일 : 2019-11-18

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