Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall (Road of Life, Gochang)

While walking the road of ecology from inland mountain to the mudflats of Gochang, visitors can meet various ecological environments and species through Diorama AR.

  • Four Diorama AR Systems equipped
World BR Network & UNESCO Gochang BR Status

World BR Network & UNESCO Gochang BR Status

  • Current Status of World BRs (as of 2019) : 701BRs in 124 countries
  • Current Status of Domestic BRs (as of 2019)
  • North Korea: Baekdu Mountain(1989), Guwol Mountain (2004), Myohyang Mountain (2009), Chilbo Mountain (2014), Geumgang Mountain (2018)
  • South Korea: Seorak Mountain (1982), Jeju Island (2002), Sinan Archipelago (2009), Gwangneung Forest (2010), Gochang (2013), Suncheon (2018), Yeoncheon, Gangwon-do(2019)
Ecological Environment of Gochang

Ecological Environment of Gochang

Ecological and environmental space for kids
Kids can choose an endangered animal living in Gochang and color the animal, which will appear on the screen after the coloring is finished.

  • Animal friends: sable, small-eared cat, otter, spectacled teal, upland buzzard, buprestid beetle
Ecological Wind of Gochang

Ecological Wind of Gochang

The basic ideas and background knowledge of the Biosphere Reserve are introduced along with domestic and overseas designations, activities, and values. Forest vegetation, river vegetation, mudflat, inland wetlands, and sewer vegetation in Gochang are presented using the forms of geographic dioramas, wooden structures, and information panels.

Gochang, Global City of Ecological Tour

Gochang, Global City of Ecological Tour

The five core areas of the Gochang Biosphere Reserve are introduced through an audio-visual system, an information search engine, and a VR system.
* The five core areas include Ungok Ramsar Wetland, Donglim Reservoir Wildlife Sanctuary, Seonunsan Mountain Provincial Park, Dolmen Remain, and Gochang Mudflat Ramsar Wetland)



Along with a promotional video of national geoparks in West Sea of Jeollabuk-do, geological sites of Gochang and Buan, the definition and the current status of national and world geoparks are introduced.

  • Postcards are designed with major tourist sites in Gochang. You can send an e-mail with the postcard or print it after signing on the visitor’s log.
  • Six Geological Sites in Gochang: Ungok Wetland, Dolmen Sites, Byeongbawi Rock, Seonunsan Mountain, Soyosan Mountain, Gochang Mudflat, Gochang Myeongsasimni, and Gusipo Beach
  • Jeollabuk-do West Sea National Geopark was certified on September 13th, 2017 (by the Ministry of Environment)

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  • 담당자 : 고창군청
  • 전화번호 : 063-560-2337

최종수정일 : 2019-11-18

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