Donglim Reservoir Wildlife Sanctuary

Location and Area

  • Sinseong-ri, Seongnae-myeon, Gochang-gun
  • Land area: 3.68km2 (Wildlife Sanctuary designated on December 30th, 2008)

Domestic Laws for Preservation

  • Wildlife Protection Law
    • Protect and manage wildlife and its habitat systematically
    • Prevent the endangerment of wildlife
    • Promote biodiversity (basic plan for wildlife protection, habitat survey)

Major Ecosystem Characteristics

  • Habitat for an endangered species of Korea- Otter (natural monument no. 330 and endangered species I) in and around the Donglim Reservoir and the nearby water system
  • A maximum of 200,000 otters stay for more than 30 days, unique natural landscape along with the dance of spectacled teals

공공저작물 자유이용 허락 표시

공공누리 공공저작물 자유이용허락 출처표시+상업적이용금지+변경금지 출처표시+상업적이용금지+변경금지

콘텐츠 담당자 정보

  • 담당자 : 고창군청
  • 전화번호 : 063-560-2337

최종수정일 : 2019-11-18

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