Seonunsan Mountain Provincial Park

Location and Area

  • Asan-myeon, Simwon-myeon, Haeri-myeon, and Buan-myeon of Gochang-gun
  • Land area: 43.7km2 (Designated as a provincial park on December 27th, 1979)

Domestic Preservation Laws

  • Natural Parks Act (Provincial Park)
    • Preserve natural ecology, natural and cultural landscapes, and promote sustainable use
  • Forest Protection Act
    • Systematic protection of forest and protection of forest inheritance

Major Ecosystem Characteristics

  • Coexistence of various species in the ecotone between the microthermal climate and warm-temperate zone
  • Distinctive natural changes from the top of the mountains to the valleys
  • 24 Subjects, 42 families, and 90 species in total
  • Loose-flower hornbeam, Asian hornbeam, pine, quercus aliena community, etc.
  • Mammalian herbivores: squirrel, Korean hare, roe deer, etc.
  • Birds: brown-eared bulbul, yellow-billed grosbeak, cuckoo
  • Amphibians/ reptiles: toad, salamander, solenoglyph, red-sided water snake
  • Insects: Minos dryas, antlion
  • Fish: Korean rose bitterling, striped shiner, dark chub, etc.
Natural Monuments
  • Camellia Forest (184), Japanese Red Pine (354), Ivy (367)

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콘텐츠 담당자 정보

  • 담당자 : 고창군청
  • 전화번호 : 063-560-2337

최종수정일 : 2019-11-18

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