From the prehistoric era as known as the era of the dolmen, a UNESCO-designated world heritage, to the Mahan period, one of the world’s greatest civilizations blossomed on the land.We express our whole-hearted welcome to the visitors to the website of Gochang-gun, the first de facto capital of the Korean Peninsula.

The era of Gochang, Korea- where people are the owner.
The window for new opportunities opens wide for Gochang, the city of agriculture, bio, and food industries.

The city's entire administrative district was listed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, a first in Korea.
As the birthplace of the Donghak Peasant Revolution, Gochang is rich in ecological resources and historical and cultural assets, including intangible cultural heritage such as Pansori (dramatic song) and Nongak (instrumental music of peasants). The 7th popularly elected Gochang-gun government has eagerly preserved and utilized those precious assets to become a top-notch city of history, culture, and tourism.

Breaking from old practices, we will join forces to serve the owners of Gochang-gun through a people-first administration while engaging and communicating with the citizens.

By sharing warmth through social services and outreach programs, we will create a people-inclusive society based on a tight welfare network and further drive the development using this positive energy.

We hope you join our great journey laying the foundation for the next century for our proud Gochang. We also hope you frequent the website for information and communication.