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Arts made of foods

We operate a workshop and experience programs to share the farm’s values that let’s make good food and share it with people.
At the workshop, farmers create a work with eco-friendly ingredients, which they also produce.
Clean processes and the farmer’s genuine workmanship create good products and share the value of healthy food.

  • Ham Workshop
  • Fruit Workshop
  • Bread Workshop
  • Fermentation Workshop

Sangha Farm Experience Class

Delightful Communication between the City and the Farm

Experience classes sew the five seeds of positivity in the minds of children through the experience of looking at and touching naturally-originated food. The seed of wisdom to know good food, the seed of hard work to make good food, the seed of happiness to take pleasure in eating, the seed of love of making memories, and the seed of true taste to learn the taste of food ingredients are taught through doing. Come to the Sangha Farm Experience Programs to grow the seeds of positivity in your kids.

  • Sausage Class
  • Sticky Rice Cake Class
  • Animal Cookie Class
  • Seasonal Class
Address 65-61, Wangjae-gil, Sangha-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do